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Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipes and health benefits


If you feel bored with common fruit smoothie, this dragon fruit smoothie recipe will be a solution. Dragon fruit can be the variation of your daily smoothie drinking nutrition. Then how to make yummy dragon fruit smoothie? First, prepare ½ peeled dragon fruit, ½ cup sliced strawberry, ½ cup water and ice.

You also allow adding other fruits like banana or papaya. Then blend those ingredients until smooth and mild. Pour into a glass and add the ice. The dragon fruit smoothie is ready.

 Moreover, dragon fruit is loaded with vitamin C, dietary fiber, protein and iron. It also contains much antioxidant which can protect you from free radical. It means that it can prevent you from cancer and other disease. In addition, antioxidant also keeps your blood pressure balance.Then fiber is good for your digestive system that prevents you from constipation.

Hence, won’t you practice this dragon fruit smoothie recipe now?

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