The Venus Factor Review

 There have been many reviews about the Venus Factor, but some of you may not have been familiar with it. Venus factor is an excellent program for women who want to lose weight. The weight lose program is very suitable for you who are always busy throughout the day. You may have to work hard all day, and you may have no time to go to fitness center. Then, this program is right for you. Read the Venus Factor review below to understand better about it.

About the Venus Factor

 When you start the program, there is a term you should know, i.e. the Venus index. This index is measured from your waist, hip and height.

From your proportional ideal body, you should have 38% of your height. This should be multiplied by 1.42 to get an ideal hip measurement and 1.618 to get your ideal shoulder measurement.

                From the Venus index, you can then determine what you should do with the next program to lose weight. The program is not only for you who want to lose weight but for some skinny women who want to gain their ideal body can use the program as well. The Venus factor review will help you determine what you really need, either to gain or to lose weight.


Within the program

                The Venus factor covers 12 weeks and 3 different phases of workout. Complete plan is detailed in each phase. Your progress will always be monitored.

You can learn more detailed about the program from videos, pictures and explanations. Moreover, you will also need to pay attention for your diet. Thus, chances of success of this program will be larger. You can learn about the Venus factor review first before you enter in

to the program. You’ll see how ideal you body weight within 3 months after the program has started.

Here is the video to learn more about the  “Venus Factor”




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