10 Adorable Summer Craft for Kids 2016

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Summer is time to spend so many things for kids. Well, it is holiday time of kids out of the school activities that they had. They can learn anything fun that they want. It is a good idea to make your kids learn how to make craft. It is something cool to learn since the kids will find out about art and creativity. Making craft will also be the decoration for their rooms. It is also good for their development or the brain.

Get ready to prepare the things needed. Here are Easy and Fun summer craft for kids for the holiday activities:

1. Summer windmill

Well, it seems that all the kids like to play with windmill. They will run along with the windmill on hand. It is good to teach the kids how to make the windmill. It is one of summer craft for kids that they can make. Moreover, it is very easy to create. The things that should be prepare is something like paper, scissors, stick, glue. As it is for kids, so it is good for them to make the windmill in something fancy. Hence, pick the paper that has pattern on it. It would be nice to have it in tiger pattern and so on.

The following are some examples that may be you can practice with your kids :

2. Popsicle Craft

Popsicle is a kind of ice stick that is closely with summer theme. It is good to create the craft for the decoration on their room with such things. Making Popsicle craft as the wall or window decoration is something cool to do. All the things needed are such as, paper in several kinds of color, and ice stick. In order to create this craft, you need to make in two-sided with the basic color. Then you can decorate the ice with something cool on it. Then put the string along the ice cream in order.


popsicle stick catapults for summer kids crafts

popsicle stick catapults >> Instruction


summer kids craft for girl Popsicle Stick Unicorns

Popsicle Stick Unicorns >> tutorial

3. Watermelon Paper Plate

Another best summer craft for kids is watermelon paper plate. This is something cool that you can even teach for the kids. The first one, it is closely like summer. The second one all the kids like to coloring. Well, you can have the paper plates which is already use. It is better for not throwing away them since you can have it for another creation. In this case, cut the plate into two. After that, let the kids color the green part like the watermelon and the red one on above. Make the dots on it.

4. Butterfly craft

Butterfly craft will be something cool to have. You can actually have such kind of thing for the kids. You need paper, paper art, scissors, color paste and glitter. Cut the paper into butterfly pattern. Then decorate the wings and the head with the paper art and glitter. Here is a beautiful butterfly ready to fly.

cupcake Butterfly craft for kids

cupcake Butterfly craft for kids >> Tutorial

5-10 Craft Ideas

The other Ideas of the craft that you can have is like Ball paper plate, Jellyfish decoration, Ice cream cone craft, Animals paper plate, Flower Window Decoration and flower paper plate.

 These 25 Paper Plate Crafts for Kids


Tutorial >> Buzzfeed

Those are the summer craft for kids that you can have for the kids. They would be so happy to spend their summer time with making such kind of thing. This is something cool and creative for them.



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