11 Awesome DIY Coffee Fillter Flowers

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step by step instruction : http://www.u-createcrafts.com/how-to-make-coffee-filter-flowers-by/

How to make coffee filter flowers for using your free time when you are waiting for your lovely husband come home from his office? This is special tips for you that who ask that question.

You can have these tips freely and apply them. Wish it work and usefully. Enjoy the read, and keep have a creations.

First for you who want this lovely fake flower in your home is you must get some ingredients for make them.

All you must have and need is coffee filters off course (for the first time you can try one pack that 100 pieces, you can make 16 beautiful flower if all them work, because for one flowers you need 6 piece of coffee filters),

some few food coloring (if you want a colorful flower, but if you want a white flower you can threw this from the list), shallow dish (for coloring bowl actually, you can substitute this with rice cup if you not willing your dish),

and then you will need a scissors, stapler, double tape and maybe a set of puff green stick (for stalk) and jar for your lovely flower when it all done.

Step one of few steps How to make coffee filter flowers is done, so we going to step two.

Add some mineral water in your bowl (that optional between shallow dish and rice cup), and then put a few drops of food coloring that you have choose, maybe two, three, or many color. If color liquid is ready, time to coloring the filters.

You can dip them half or entire (up to you), and then nap them open in a wax paper. Do the same thing for them all. And then it is drying time, you can let them dry in the sun light or maybe you can freely put them alone all day. Don’t be afraid, when all of them is dry, they actually easy to separated. (Like human, when it livedryandarid it is easy to separated and forget each other. Okay that is intermezzoJ)

And then this is important step, not mean two steps before this is not important, but this is final step so we can say this flower is beauty or ugly. This step is creating or cut and makes our lovely flowers. You can create your own models or follow this model, optionally. Folding the filters be half circle, ¼, 1/8, and maybe 1/16, and then and then cut like a rainbow, open up the fold so you can find one layer petals flowers. Hmm,, do that for all filters but not in same size so you can create a flower that petals outside more big then petals inside. If you finish with them you can starting united and set them so can be a flower by double tape and stapler.

If you finish with it you can make them stalk with puff or whatever that can be stalk. And then when al flower are finished with stalk, you just need to arrange them with your women heart so all of them will look great, I guarantee it.

So that all about How to make coffee filter flowers that you can try by yourself. Keep crafting and have a nice creation.

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