3 Secrets Holiday Makeup Tutorials from Beauty Bloggers You Should Really Know

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Summer is coming! Now get ready to turn you facial look with summer look as well. Different season takes you to different look of the makeup. 

It is nice to make your physical look getting more stunning to see. Girls would like to have it. Be prepared for several brands of cosmetics that will release during the summer.

You must have it to make you get more beautiful in the look. You wear nice makeup and you will have nice days during the summer.

Here are several holiday makeup tutorials from several beauty bloggers which fit you to hang out and make your holiday goes fun:

  1. Sweet and simple look

Those who like simple look may follow Rachel Leary. She combines pink, bronze and berry eye shades in the perfect mixture. In addition, she applies pink coral lipstick as the beauty booster. You can even have such kind of makeup for the holiday, especially when you hang out with friends like watching a movie, sipping some coffee and so on. Make your holiday goes impressively with good makeup as well.


             Video tutorial 

      2. Great Beauty

Another best of holiday makeup tutorials is from SunKissable. See is also a beauty blogger that has good tips for you for your holiday. She creates a makeup that extremely chic. She combines the light brown, pink and light blue in the perfect hue. Hence, it is something cool that you can have for the holiday. A pink blush on will also be applied on

Hence, it is something cool that you can have for the holiday. A pink blush on will also be applied on the cheek. In addition, it is even stunning to have sweet pink lipstick on the lips. You can have it for dating with the loved one. Make your date comes so impressive with perfect makeup you have.


3. Five Minute Makeup

When you have an urgent call for hang out while you do not have enough time to makeup, this five-minute makeup will work on you. It comes as one best of holiday makeup tutorials that you should try. See how JulieG713 does to give you a makeup tutorial in 5 minutes. She gives you a glam look in five minutes.

It is good for night makeup. You will have a silver eyeshadow on the eyelid. In addition, you can even have it great with the things like shimmering gold on the face.


Those are the recommendation of holiday makeup tutorials that you can have. It makes you have a great look during your holiday.

Also, do not forget to check out your favorite cosmetics brands that sometimes release the new theme of makeup.



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