4 Simple ways to get rid itchy sunburn

4 Simple ways to get rid itchy sunburn_1

Sunburn is hurtful to your skin. It can cause large itching along the other symptoms, including inflammation and pain. An extreme sunburn itch is frequently a sign of excessive damage because of prolonged exposure. It can be post-sunburn exposure or UV radiation.

For example, it can be happened when you go out without applying a sunscreen (while healing from the first sunburn). There are also some cases that the patient develops extreme sunburn itch without much hurt to the skin due to the physiological realities of the body.

At this time, I would inform you about the remedies for sunburn itch relief, inflammation, and pain. By reading this article, you can know several ways to get rid itchy sunburn. You can apply the ways to secure the sunburn itch.

For extreme sunburn itch, you can use apple cider, oatmeal bath, or baking soda. If they do not seem to help, you can try using one percent hydrocortisone cream. You can also choose oral antihistamines. You can buy them in the most local drugstores.

When you get instant sunburn, you can use cool soak and a hydration with moisturizing lotion. For good moisturizing lotion, you can choose Cataphyll or Aquaporin. You can worsen the sunburn itchy if you use petroleum jelly or oil since it will block your pores.

This is the steps to get rid itchy sunburn:

1. cool soak

Applying cool soak is good way to relieve the pain of sunburn. It will soothe and cool the skin. Place a small washcloth soak that has been soaked in water for about 15 minutes. You can repeat this way several times a day. You need to re-wet your washcloth as often as needed.

You are not allowed to use ice for sunburn skin. You can take a cool bath for an area that is difficult to reach. You should choose mild soap. You are not allowed to take a bath more than twenty minutes. Gently pat your skin with smooth towel.

2. baking soda

Add 1-2 cups of baking soda to your bathing water. Bathe for around 15-20 minutes and then let your body dry.


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3. oatmeal

Add a half cup of oatmeal to the water bath. You can use oatmeal powder that is available in pharmacies. You are not permitted to wipe off the oatmeal to your skin.



4. apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid that is useful to get rid itchy sunburn. You need to place a small washcloth in cold water and then leave it damp. Splash apple cider vinegar on the damp washcloth and dab it on sunburn area.



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