5 New Strategies for a Better Night’s Sleep that You Can Apply Easily

Having a quality night’s sleep is very important for a variety of things. Starting from keeping the immune system, stimulate creativity, to get the ideal body weight, to improve academic grades. Various studies have shown that people who sleep 8-9 hours per day are also expected to live longer.


That means the night sleep is a necessity that can not be underestimated. But in fact, a good night’s sleep is not always the easy thing for everyone. Stress jobs or education, problems in relationships, deep fatigue, and many other factors may make a night’s sleep be disturbed. As a result of the next day you can not show the best performance while doing various things. Therefore, five new strategies for a better night’s sleep are important.

Quality night’s sleep will provide many benefits to health. The benefits of good quality of sleep are for example only able to cope with stress, reducing chronic inflammation, and can also improve the health of the mind. Unfortunately, not everyone can get quality sleep. One way to get quality sleep is a comfortable and restful night’s sleep, not waking up repeatedly at night.

With a good night’s sleep, when you wake up, your body will feel fresh, the spirit of work will increase. As quoted from some sources, here are five new strategies for a better night’s sleep to get soundly and quality sleeping.

  1. Avoid napping


Napping, especially when prolonged, can cause insomnia or have trouble sleeping at night. From now on, try not to sleep during the day to sleep soundly at night. With no sleep from morning until evening, this will make you feel sleepy at night.

  1. Avoid caffeine consumption


Tea, coffee, and chocolate are some examples of drinks that should be avoided at night if you want to sleep soundly with five new strategies for a better night’s sleep. It is because all of these drinks contain lots of caffeine that can cause a person to have trouble sleeping at night.

  1. Limit consumption of liquid


Avoid a lot to drink before bed to prevent you woke up having to go back and forth to the bathroom to urinate. Quite often when someone has woken up at midnight, it will be difficult for him to sleep again.

  1. Relax before bed

The fourth five new strategies for a better night’s sleep are relaxing. Sports and watching a horror movie will often make a person have difficulty sleeping.

Let you do not have trouble sleeping at night, try to choose reading books and avoid watching a scary horror movie. Make your mind relax.

  1. Perform routine light

Allowing self to sleep the night at the hour fixed, and turn off the bedroom light can help you fast asleep. If after 20 minutes lying in bed but still can not sleep, try to get up and do something. For example, walks in the garden or yard. Also, will make your body become a little tired, this can also make your mind relax, sleep became more soundly.

If after doing one or even all five new strategies for a better night’s sleep and you still can not sleep, you can try other ways that might be a little unique, such as counting down the numbers of thousands and may also sing your favorite songs.


The quality of a good night’s sleep will make you feel refreshed the next day. To get quality sleep, let’s find out about how to sleep well. Some studies reveal that sleep deprivation is associated with reduced power to think and process information.



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