7 Easy & Delicious Summer Lunch Ideas

7 Easy and Delicious Summer Lunch Ideas

Summer is a perfect time to break from all the activities that you have. Enjoy the vibes like the weather and the wind. Well, it is cool when you had a little summer party with your friends of relatives. There will be something to prepare to serve them actually.

It would be so good if you can prepare the dishes in the new menu that you do not have in another season. It must be something coming from tropical foods. Veggies, and fresh fruits collaborated with the meat are just the perfect mix that you can do. Well, here are summer lunch ideas that you can have at home for the party.

1. Thai chicken lettuce wraps

One of the summer lunch ideas that can be easily made is Thai chicken lettuce wraps. It is the mix of veggies and chicken breast which will be very healthy for you. All the ingredients that you will need is the lettuce, chicken breast, chili, basil, and tomato. This is a mix veggies and chicken wrapped with the lettuce. So, when you have it, it will create another sensation inside the mouth. Crunchy lettuce will be along with the soft chicken breast.


Recipe >> jocooks.com

2. Blueberry salad

It is great to have blueberry salad combined with the whole grains or oatmeal. You can actually have such things for the summer, It is fresh and healthy.

3.  Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs

Since summer party is good to have in the middle of the sunny day, it would be cool for you to serve some tropical related food. One of them is Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs. It is more like a barbecue party but you have the kebab in satay. You can prepare the veggies like the paprika, chicken, pineapples, and so on. Then, you need the skewer to put them one by one.

4.  Chicken Caesar Wraps

This is a good one to try, it is more like a chicken salad but it has a richer veggie. It is good for you to have it and serve it to the guest.

Chicken Caesar Wraps-for-summer-lunch

full recipes >> iowagirleats.com

5. Mini Corn Dogs

One of the cool summer lunch ideas is mini corn dogs. It will be so good for you and kids. If you have a little party involving the kids, it will be good for them. You can make it in small pieces since it fits with the kids. All the things that you should prepare is sausages, skewer, wheat and flour, and some seasoning.

6.  Avocado toast
Try simple summer lunch with avocado toast. You can have such thing in wheat bread and mix with avocado which is so much fresh.


7. Chicken Salad

The best dish for summer is an exactly salad. It is very good for you to have it. You can even mix the fruit and veggies with the chicken breast. Then, you need to mix it with the best sauce ever. Well, put it in a big bowl so that everyone can have it easily.

Those are summer lunch ideas that you can make. It is even good to serve them when you throw the party. You can treat the guests with those foods which seem to be fresh and delicious.



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