7 Essential Beauty Hacks Every Women Should Know !

Women always want to be as beautiful as they can. Unluckily, sometimes it is not easy to be beautiful. It may be easy, but it can be expensive.

In this case, it will be great if there are some tricks and tips to deal with the problem. In fact, there are some hacks to be beautiful. These hacks are simple yet effective.

You will not have to spend a big amount of money to be beautiful. These life hacks will show you the shortcut to be beautiful. Surely, these will be useful for you.

1. The first hack is by gel liner

Gel liner can produce great dark smudge and all women want to get it. However, gel liner can be quite expensive, especially if you are looking for branded products. In this case, you can get a trick, so you do not need to buy gel liner. You can use a pencil liner. What you need is a kohl pencil liner. Then, you will also need candle or lighter. When they are ready, then you only need to burn the tip of pencil liner for a second. After that, you can make it cool by leaving it for 15 seconds. After that, you can apply the pencil liner. You will get the good effect as using a gel liner.

2. Eyeshadow

 This is one of the important parts of makeup. You will make your eyeshadow as beautiful as you can when you are going to hang out. This will make your eyes look more beautiful and attractive. In this case, there is a good hack to deal with eyeshadow.

This will make your eyes look more beautiful and attractive. In this case, there is a good hack to deal with eyeshadow.

Commonly, the color of eyeshadow is not visible enough so you need to make it dense. In this case, you do not need to make a dense layer. What you need to do is to make white eyeshadow first before you apply the color. When you already have a white background, then you can continue the color layer. This will pop up your color, so you will have better eyeshadow.

3. Then, there is also hack to deal with a dark circle around your eyes.

Commonly, women will cover the dark circle using concealer. It is a good solution. However, some women cannot use the concealer actually. Usually, they make dots deal with the dark circle. In fact, dots are not useful, but lines can work and give better results. You can apply your concealer on the dark circles.

You only need to swipe the concealer down from the corner of your eyes and make a triangular shape. This will provide you with better results than making dots. Surely, the dark circle will be concealed well.

4. How to apply perfect lipstick

The most convenient means to avoid this is by sticking your finger in your mouth and also draw it out! The excess lipstick will stay with your finger and also not your teeth and will not leave a great dirt like tissue paper will.

As soon as you have actually used your lipstick, take an item of tissue paper and cover your mouth with it. Delicately powder on some translucent powder on it so it will last all day or night!


5. Expiration dates for every beauty product

how to find Expiration dates for every beauty product

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6. Trick How to get thicker lashes

7. How to look good without makeup




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