7 Herbs that May Help for High Blood Pressure


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High blood pressure may be caused by various factors such as smoking, alcohol, overweight, lack of physical activity and primarily stress. Actually high blood pressure is not a disease, making it always be left unattended. However, if you suffer from high blood pressure, never ignore it. You should take care of it as it can lead to stroke, heart disease and kidney failure.

To help you prevent from more severe high blood pressure, there are 7 herbs you should consider. 7 herbs that may help for high blood pressure are as follows.

  1.  Garlic – garlic is believed to be one of the most effective herbs to reduce your high blood pressure. It contains antioxidant, antibacterial and lipid that will lower the high blood pressure.
  2. Cinnamon – just like garlic, cinnamon is also believed to be one of the best herbs to cure high blood pressure. Indeed, it is also effective to prevent diabetes and heart disease.
  3. Onion – quercetin (an antioxidant flavonol) is found in this herb. This content is an effective substance to lower high blood pressure and prevent you from having heart disease and stroke.
  4. Olives – the herb contains polyphenols in extra-virgin olive oil, which is believed to be the most important substance to help reduce high blood pressure.
  5. Oregano – this herb contains carvacrol. This substance is effective to reduce high blood pressure.
  6. Hawthorn – this herb is also effective to reduce high blood pressure. Research has proven that this herb contains substances that are effective to reduce high blood pressure.
  7. Cardamon – the herb is effective to remove blood clots inside your body. This will help you reduce high blood pressure you suffer.

Regardless the 7 herbs that may help for high blood pressure above, prevention is the best way to cure the condition. Having a healthy diet and maintaining your body weight will help you live a healthy lifestyle.



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