8 Unique Relationship Gifts for Someone Special

There are many ways to keep your relationship. Sometimes, when the relationship has been in long time, some couples will meet such a boring condition. However, you should do something new or different to make fresh atmosphere.

Maintaining a relationship is not easy, more when it turns to a long distance relationship. Boredom and insecurity, moreover for those who keep a long time relationship, they deal with many hassles. Many ways you can do to secure your relationship with your significant one, and one among others, think about unique relationship gifts.

Indeed, you can buy the gifts, but there is something when you decide to make it by your own. Straight to the point, here are some ideas to steal. You can start from pillow case. The way is easy. Pick words that explains your relationship with certain someone. Then you can print those words to the pillow case.

1. long distance relationship gifts

Pillow case with printed words are not the only idea, add printed words on mug, it can be a great idea. In addition, you can also apply this unique relationship gift ideas to necklace.

For the latter, if the necklace for a guy, you can use military-inspired necklace. Custom poker cards are another idea to consider.

Using the cards with customized design, you can express your love to your other half. Balloon, this idea is great too. Blow some balloons with hydrogen and let floats to the air. But beforehand, you can attach romantic words with your photograph on the end of the ribbon that you use to tie the balloon.

Personalized pendant, this is worth considering for unique relationship gift ideas. One side of pendant you can put the photograph of you and your significant one, while on the other side, choose words that you want to say to the wearer. Customized ring is another good idea as well.

Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas- Hand Stamped Matching Necklace

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long distance relationship gifts for him-mug

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2. long distance relationship gifts for him

long distance relationship gifts for him

Gift Ideas For Him Gift Ideas For Him

3. long distance relationship gifts for her

cute Long Distance Relationship for her


long distance relationship gifts for her-Love Rings


Get yourself couple ring first. On its inside part you can engrave beautiful words for him or for her. You and your other half can choose together what kind of words that fit to express your feeling toward each other.

 4. Tie-up Gladiator Sandals Unique Gift for Her


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5. Break Up Bean Plant

You choose to break up? Even though this isn’t work to anyone, you can consider something like break up bean plants that state that your relationship with that person is over and prefer to start a friend relationship with him or her.


buy it here >> thinkgeek.com

6. Beauty And Beast Pillow Cases


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7. Custom Best Friends Necklace

8. Personalized iPhone case


found on zazzle.com

Using phone case, this too can be another idea to keep in mind for unique relationship gifts. When it come to phone case, you can choose photographs or words to customize the phone case. In addition, you can determine this idea not only for romantic relationship, but friendship as well.

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