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7 Healthy and Flavorful Pineapple Smoothie Recipes

Pineapple smoothie is really will make your body fresh and full of nutrition. The juicy taste of the pineapple meets the cooling ice will make your day. This smoothie is not only delicious but also versatile and healthy. Pineapple is great because it gives ...Read More

7 Easy & Delicious Summer Lunch Ideas

Summer is a perfect time to break from all the activities that you have. Enjoy the vibes like the weather and the wind. Well, it is cool when you had a little summer party with your friends of relatives. There will be something to ...Read More

How Green Smoothie Recipe Could Get You on omg! Insider

Do you feel inconvenient with your green smoothie recipe? Green smoothie is a blended drink that combines leafy green, fruits, healthy fats and vegetables. Most people dislike drinking green vegetable smoothies or juices because it has unwanted smell and weird taste. However, your smoothie ...Read More

Omg! The Best Fruit Smoothie Recipes Ever!

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipes and health benefits If you feel bored with common fruit smoothie, this dragon fruit smoothie recipe will be a solution. Dragon fruit can be the variation of your daily smoothie drinking nutrition. Then how to make yummy dragon fruit smoothie? ...Read More
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