4 Easy summer workout plan

4 Easy summer workout plan_kecil

At summer, usually many people will spend their time at beach. They will shed their clothes and enjoy this nice season. Do you want to enjoy the next summer at beach? It is better for you to prepare your body. You still have a few weeks before get the summer.

At this time, I will give you several great ways of summer workout plan. You should make a plan and make commitment with yourself. It will help you to get the nice shape that you want for summer. 

a. Monday
Start your Monday 5-10 minutes of jogging or simply walking. It is nice time for doing bodyweight exercises. There are a few exercises that you can do. For beginner, it is better to start with less range. Advanced fitness can start to do upper range. Each exercise is done 2 sets of 10 for beginner and 2 set of 50 for advanced fitness. After finishing each exercise, do 10 jumping jacks. The exercises are: Pull-up, Sit-upor crunche, Burpee, Starburst, Push-up, Speed skater, Dip, Alternating lunge, and Leg lift.

b. Tuesday
Tuesday is the time for hill repeats. Start with ten minutes warm-up, ten minute cool down, and ten minutes stretching. Search a hill and run. You can also use a set of stairs. You can repeat until 20-30 minutes up and down. Enjoy and have fun.

c. Wednesday
The summer workout plan for this time is to show up your dumbbells. Start to warm up and do each exercise 2 sets of 10-50 repetitions. You can also add 100m jog among each exercise. The exercises are: Burpee, Dumbbell squat-curl-press, Dumbbell alternating lunges, Sit-up with a dumbbell, Dumbbell fly, Dumbbell bent over row, Dumbbell deadlift, Overhead triceps extension, Dumbbell Hammer curls, and Flutter kicks. Do not forget to do a cool down and stretching at the end.

d. Thursday
Thursday is a time for speed. You can use a track or your yard. Warm up with 2 laps of jog. Run from 100m, 200m, 400m, and 800m. Then, go back from 800m to 400m to 200m to 100m.

e. Friday
This day you need to do all exercise from Monday until Wednesday together on a list.

That is the basic summer workout plan. You can also make your own.



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