How To Get Rid Of Plaque, Easily and Naturally


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Everyone wants to have healthy teeth. Unluckily, it is not easy things to do when you want to have healthy teeth. Many problems can make the teeth unhealthy, and most of them are caused by the foods that you eat.

Among those problems, a plaque is one of the common problems that happen to the teeth. Plaque can be a serious issue.

Plaque can cause tooth decay, so your teeth will be decayed quickly. Then, your gum can also get a problem from the plaque. In this case, commonly people will go to the dentist when they are going to get rid of plaque.

However, there are also some natural ways to remove the plates. These are some easy tips on how to get rid of plaque without going to the dentist.

how to get rid plaque using dental floss


First, you can use floss. This method can be one of the traditional yet practical ways. The floss is applied to remove plaque between the teeth. You can implement the plate quickly by moving it backward and forward. In this case, you must be careful in using the floss, so you will not hurt your gum.

To find the plaque easily, actually, you can stain your teeth using food coloring. When the plaque is stained, then you will see the problem easily so that you can use the floss effectively. You can also use your toothbrush and toothpaste as the answer of how to get rid of plaque effectively.

Floss is good to remove plaque between teeth, and a toothbrush can be helpful to remove plaque on another area of the tooth. In this case, you must be careful in moving your toothbrush. The best way is to make the circular movement so that the brush will remove the plaque and other food residues.

Then, you also need to use toothpaste containing fluoride because it is the best substance to deal with the plaque.

Then, there are also other tips of how to get rid of plaque by yourself. Baking soda is an excellent choice to deal with the plaque.

Baking soda can be applied when you are brushing your teeth. You can wet your toothbrush; then you can add baking soda to brush your whole teeth. In this case, you can also put salt as the powerful addition because salt is also great to give cleansing effect.

You can also use the baking soda as your mouthwash. You can combine the baking soda with lemon oil, glycerin, and gel of aloe vera.

You can also use strawberry and tomatoes as the next choice of how to get rid of plaque by yourself.

In this case, you do not eat them, but you use them to rub the teeth. The vitamin C will remove the germs so your teeth will be healthy and free from plaque.



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