Laser Mole Removal, Safe or Dangrous to Use it?

Laser Mole removal on the face before and after will clearly influence your looks. Having mole in our body is something natural.

laser mole removalMole is something seems like a small colored spot which exists on the skin. Most of them are usually not dangerous, but it may influence our self-confidence. But, it will have two sides, either positive or negative, if one or some moles appear on our face. Some people may seem more beautiful and handsome with their moles on the face.

Some other will make it as a sign that is me, that is him or her with a mole in the nose or cheek or in other location. But, unfortunately, some people may feel annoyed with the existence of their moles in the face, especially a mole with the unwanted size or unwanted location. The worse thing, some people have moles which are a sign of a disease which is called by melanoma, one of the types of skin cancer. That is why, for some reasons, some people will try to remove their moles.

There or some mole removal procedures with each consequence, pains, bleedings, and of course with various cost level. For the safe process, it is recommended for having a consultation with your doctor before determining which procedure you will take to remove your mole.

One of technique you can use is by having laser mole removal. Then, by this article, we will discuss mole removal by using a laser.

The process of laser mole removal

Laser mole removal is admitted as the quickest and painless method with a short recovery time and having a high rate of success. Before you decide to use this method, make sure you have considered some aspects such as the type, size, and place of growth by having a consultation with your doctor.

It is an important thing because no two moles are the same. Each case will need different approaches and methods. By using a laser, this process will use a machine which is called radiosurgery machine. That machine works my emitting ultra-high frequency radio waves.

Once it applied to the mole, it will excite the water which is contained in the cells of the mole and make them vaporize. Then the cells will seal themselves, and you will not find any blood! This process takes only 15-20 minutes in one visit. But, you may feel some side effect of the process.

You may experience minor swelling, tenderness, redness, bruising, and some mole removal scarring. Once you have finished having this laser mole removal, it will look like small pink or red within 3-4 weeks. You need 6 weeks to have your mole totally disappeared.

The cost you need to prepare

Laser mole removal cost depends on some various factors. The first obvious factor is the type and size of the mole.

If you have a small mole with harmless type, you will have less cost compared by the bigger size and harm type of mole. The next factor determining the cost of your laser mole removal is the reputation of a specialist. The more professional, the more cost you need to prepare. But I think, it is safer to have a professional specialist for the best treatment.

Besides, your geographic location may influence the level of the cost you must have. In an urban location, you may be charged $200 to $600 with the high professional clinic. Moreover, before your doctor conducts the treatment, it may be necessary to have some tests for histological examination in order to analyze your condition.

It obviously needs additional cost. To have an exact cost list, it is better to visit and ask directly the catalog which is provided by your clinic.

Now, it is your time to make sure is it necessary to having laser mole removal? Which clinic you need to visit and how much costs you have to prepare.



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