Raw Vegan Diet Benefits


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There is a fuss about raw vegan diet and how it is able to show great result immediately and improve your health at the same time. Is it safe?

What are the possible side effects? How can you pull this diet off? Those are the things we are about to learn soon.

 As the name suggest, this program is about consuming grains, veggies, and fruits…raw.

It is believed that heating the food will destroy the natural enzymes and nutrients; so cooking it will diminish the natural quality and state of the food itself. Enzymes are good to fight disease as well as boosting digesting, so you don’t want to lose too much of it; you don’t want to lose it at all.

 Some hardcore raw foodists even believe that cooking the food makes it toxic. The raw condition is good for human system as it can deal with allergies, headache, memory, boost immunity, improve diabetes and arthritis. Those who want to lose weight can also have this program since raw foods are mostly low in fat, calories, and also sodium; but they are relatively high in fiber.

You can also enjoy the high level of minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Getting vitamin C and B will be easy, as they are the ones easily lost during cooking.

 However, you also need to realize that this kind of program usually exclude animal products, while your body will need enough calcium, iron, protein, and other vitamins like B12.

If you can’t get it from the food you consume, then you need to have additional supplement. Moreover, cooking can actually help killing bacteria, so you won’t have to suffer from food poisoning. Up to this point, there is no scientific proof that consuming raw food only can prevent ailments and illnesses.

 Of course there are some benefits of having this kind of program, such as:

  • Getting high level of enzymes. Cooking the food will certainly destroy the natural enzymes.
  • Getting maximum energy. People who have this kind of program claim that they feel energized the whole day without fatigue. Even when they are a bit tired, they only need to consume apple, orange, or beans, and they will be recharged instantly.
  • Having better sleep. People engaging in this program don’t feel groggy or tired anymore. They have better sleep and wake up feeling energized.
  • Experiencing mental clarity. They are emotionally controlled and stable. They can focus better with better clarity as well.



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