How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally


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Suffering from diabetes isn’t fun or enjoyable. You will be holding on to medication as long as you live, and you really need to pay attention to what you eat.

However, some medical experts believe that diabetes can be reversed naturally. This news is certainly great for those wanting to be completely cured. So, how to reverse diabetes naturally, anyway?

 Reversing diabetes means that you can stop the medication, but you need to stay in the right and healthy lifestyle. Diabetes isn’t something that you can cure completely like influenza or headache. Once you suffer from diabetes, you will need to pay attention to the healthy life pattern so your issue won’t relapse. However, studies have shown that it is possible that people suffering from diabetes can be off from their medications with good control over their lifestyle, engage in active physical activities, and manage good diet.

 If you are able to lose up to 10% of your total weight and engage in around 150 minutes of working out within a week, you can slow the diabetes progress and live without medications at all.

Of course, starting it won’t be easy. You need to go to diabetes counseling and therapies to get guidance about how to control your life with diabetes. According to researches, it takes around a year to reach progress of how the blood sugar level is safe – it is not within the diabetes range. The condition is called as pre-diabetes, but in this level they can be off from your medication, with special instructions from your doctor.

 Of course, the success also depends to the type of diabetes you have and how long you have had it. Those who succeed are the ones diagnosed at the very early stage, so there is enough time to do something about it. if you suffer from diabetes for quite a while and your condition is quite serious, the possibility of being off the medication will be very small. 



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