Simple 5 tricks to refresh your look

Every woman certainly wants to look beautiful, especially in public area. Beauty is very important factor to increase the confidence of most women. That’s why many women will do anything to make their appearance looks more attractive. Do you want to refresh your look?



There are many ways that can be applied to get a fresh look. If you are searching information to increase your beauty, you are in the right place now. At this article, I will give great information for the reader, especially for women.

These are five tricks to refresh your look


1. Change the style of your hair

Changing the hairstyle will change your facial features. This simple step will refresh your look surprisingly. If you have long hair, you can try to have the short one. Choose the new hairstyle that is appropriate with your face. Your appearance will look fresher; You can also change your bangs.



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2. Make your mask with the things you already have in your kitchen

You can make many face masks using the items in your kitchen. You can dehydrate dry skin and mild acne using yogurt mask. You can also mix lemon juice and avocado for your face. There are many recipes that can refresh and moisturize your skin.


Applying facial mask is one of 5 tricks to refresh your look that should be done regularly. You are recommended to apply the facial mask at least one a week.

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3. Use hydrating face spray during summer and spring months.

There are many cosmetic stores that sell hydrating face spray so you can find it easily. It can be kept in the bag so you can easily bring it anywhere. Do not forget to bring it when you go out on summer or spring so you can freshen up your face through the day. Misting your face with hydrating face spray can help keep the moisture of your face. It can also soften the skin of your face so will appear suppler.

4. Use natural whitener for teeth

Most people can smile confidently with white teeth. You can brighten up your teeth with a cheaper way by using baking soda and lemon juice. You just need to mix both materials into pasta. Brush this pasta onto your teeth using the toothbrush. Let it around one minute and then brush it off. Baking soda is believed can remove the stains from your teeth.


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5. Apply new color of make up

Makeup can change your look. You will get a fresher look by changing your make-up colors. Buy several new make-ups and refresh your face.



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Those are five tricks to refresh your look. Hopefully, the information above can help you get a fresher look.



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