Simple Tips How To De Stress Yourself

Every day, we are doing our activity. Come to the campus and get the assignments from the lecturer, as the student; come to office, meet the boss, doing the assignment or finishing some proposal, as the officer. Day by day passes and we are still doing our activities. Sometimes, we got scolded by our lecturer or our boss, sometimes we should failed in our work. Sometimes, we got stressed. Actually, stress is a normal respond from our body when we got tired or over walking.

We become uncontrolled and easy to get mad when we are stressed. Stress always comes to our live. So, here is the tips how to de stress yourself!

When you try to find out the way how to de stress yourself, there will be many things that will comes to you. There are some simple tips that will help you to reduce your stress. The first is by doing meditation. This is a common thing that people always do when they get some stress. The second is by taking a deep breath.

When you feel stress, try to close your eyes, and then take a deep breath for a while. It will help you to feel better. The next thing that you can do is by listening to the music that you like. Well, music can make your mood better. Because when you listen to happy music or relaxing music, the music will bring you to the happy memory, so it will help you.

The other thing that you can do is you can go out for a while, if you feel bored to be stay in the room. Because by looking to the nature, your feeling will be relaxed. There are still some others tips that you can do, such as doing exercise or hangout with your friends if you have a free time.

Actually, every people have their own way to reduce their stress. You also can choose your own way by doing positive thing that you like, such as reading a book. Or you can eat or drink some foods and drinks that can help you to reduce your stress; such as a mango, chocolate, honey, drinking a cup of tea, drinking hot milk and cool mineral water.

That’s all the tips how to de stress yourself, hopefully it will help you!

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