Top Home Remedies for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus becomes one of the annoying problems. This problem can make your nail broken. The nails can crack and split. Even, when the problem has become worse, you can lose your nail. As its name, the problem is caused by fungus.

Luckily, this problem is not a most dangerous problem and there are some remedies to deal with this problem. Some home remedies for nail fungus can be used to get rid of the nail fungus and make your nails healthy.

These are some remedies that you can use.

First choice of home remedies for nail fungus is apple cider vinegar. This home remedy is acidic enough to kill the fungi. Since it is acidic, then bacteria will not also stand for a long period when this remedy is applied on your nails. To use this home remedy is simple. You only need to mix the apple cider vinegar with water with the balance composition.

This mixture can be applied to soak the nails for about 30 minutes. After that, you only need to make it dry. By applying this home remedy for some weeks, you will start to notice the effect and you will be glad because of the result.


The next option of home remedies for nail fungus is white vinegar.

This can be a good option to deal with the fungi and bacteria on your nails. This is also effective to restore the pH level of your nail, so it will not get infected by fungi and bacteria anymore. To apply the vinegar, you only need to combine it with water. Then, you can use the mixture to soak your infected nails. You can apply this for 10 to 15 minutes. When it has finished, then you can rinse the nails and make it dry.

This treatment can be done twice a day to get better results. Surely, this home remedy will be effective to make your beautiful nails free from fungi and bacteria, so you do not need to worry about losing your nails.



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