The Ketogenic Diet – Weight Loss Solutions for the New Year


What is Ketogenic Diet?

Have you ever planned to get an ideal body-shaped yet feel pressured to do your diet? Well, it seems like you need to give a try on the ketogenic diet as one of your on the list plan, this year.

Well, this diet is also known as a diet which has very low carbohydrate content, yet high fat, and in the end, able to switch on the ‘fat-burning machine’ on each person, as resulted from the inducing of weight loss. The diet plan, as seen superficially, looks so ridiculous, since the ketogenic diet used mostly fat as main supply to fulfill the body needs.

For a non-medical person, you would know that the diet planning comes up with food which contains a high content of fat. Along with the differentiation on the body metabolism, it will work well to burn the body fat stores off, efficiently, with the feeling of less hunger and get a steady supply to support the energy needs.

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The basic of this diet comes up with the principle of ‘eat when you are hungry, keep eating until you are satisfied’. Of course, the food choice also influences the effect on this diet, because the weight loss still happens considering to minimize the sugar and starches intake on your daily food.

Therefore, the basic food you have to choose is meat, low-starch vegetable, fish, eggs, and also natural fats, and also try to avoid sugar and also starchy food. However, there are several situations in which you need extra attention to start this diet, such as when you are on diabetes medication, high blood pressure, and also breastfeeding.

What Food Can You Eat on a Ketogenic Diet Plan?

The ketogenic diet is not similar to another diet, mostly because it should have high-fat intake, about 80% of the total calorie. Thus, you should make sure that you have calculated the right amount of food to fulfill both macronutrient and micronutrient needs. It means, the lowest cutoff point of carbohydrate you have to take is about 20-30 grams per day, so you need to make a right ratio of nutrient to consume each day, yet there is no specific rule to restrict the food that you cannot eat. That is why, if you are planning to start this diet, you need additional help from your doctor or dietitian.

There are several foods you can take on your diet plan, such as eggs, as the perfect food choice to start your day. It is not only high in protein but also has much healthy fat and low carbohydrate. Each egg, contain about 78 calories, with 5g of fat.

Ever heard about bacon as commonly perceived as unhealthy food? Well, there is no reason to say no to eat bacon as your morning routine due to its high content in fat. Each bacon contains 541 calories, along with 42g of fat. About to look for food you are about to eat faster? Make sure to add avocado to your diet plan because it packs with piles of healthy fat and vitamins, too. Each avocado contains 322 calories and 29g of fat, yet not too high of carbohydrate to cover the minimum carbohydrate needs.

Here’s a list of the most common low carb vegetables:

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What can i eat ?

food recipes for ketogenic diet

Benefit of Ketogenic Diet

However, before doing something, it seems like you need to know about the lack and benefit, too, right? As well the ketogenic diet, this diet becomes so efficiently recommended to inducing the weight loss, mostly, in a short period. That is why, this diet also used commonly in a sport as weight making, for example in gymnastic and also Taekwondo.

The benefit of this diet comes from the principle itself, as the high-protein content can preserve the strength while starting to lose the body fat, simultaneously. It means, your body can use the protein efficiently to build lean muscle, well. In the end, this diet can regulate to increase the muscle mass, while keeping the minimum accumulation of fat on the body.

In the other hand, the carbohydrate-restricted diet, either known as low-carbs, also can enhance the adaptation of muscle while being trained as switching on the metabolic keys of the body, in the other word, you can increase the amount of fat you are planning to burn. As this diet provides with high-fat foods, it will suppress your appetite because it will be able to fill you up, so you will not feel like satiated in short-term and then cravings later on. Furthermore, ever since the effect of reducing the body fat accumulation on the body, the insulin levels also about to decrease, too.

Benefts of the Keto Diet

  • Cholesterol, A keto diet has proven to enhance triglyceride levels and levels of cholesterol most as

sociated with arterial buildup.

  • Weight Loss, As bodies are losing fat because the primary energy source, you’ll basically be utilising

fat stores as a source of energy during a fasting condition.

  • Blood Sugar,  Numerous studies show the loss of Cholestrerol levels with time and also have proven to

eliminate ailments for example diabetes type 2.

  • Energy, By providing the body a more and better reliable power source, you’ll feel more energized

throughout the day. Fats are proven is the most e?ective molecule to lose as fuel.

  • Hunger,  Fat is naturally more satisfying and ends up leaving us in a satiated (“full”) state for longer.
  • Acne,  Recent reports have proven a stop by acne lesions and skin inflammation over 3 months

What is a Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss?

What is a Ketogenic Diet for Weight LossThe ketogenic diet for weight loss is one of therapeutic diet given to the person who would like to induce the weight loss without any pressured to do the diet plan.

The original of the diet plan provides the body with enough protein intake, to use for body growth and repair, and also sufficient calories to fulfill the body needs. As the main calories supply switched mostly into the fat, the body can maintain the body weight without needed any additional physical activity.

Even though this diet trend somehow spread so fat in the community, you need to make sure to get enough suggestion from the dietary adviser on your diet plan, so your planning is about to work well. Make sure to tuck mostly healthier option, and avoid the preserved. The aim of having this diet is that to make your body on ketosis state, which means, your body rely on fat stores as main energy supply, and that is how the ketogenic diet works, by increasing the amount of fat which is able to be burn, by then, you are about to experience the weight loss, easily, like no other diets.

Ketogenic Diet Result Weight Loss

The main goal of having the ketogenic diet, mostly, is to experience the weight loss in ease without any drama. Even though at first, it is hard to get stick with the diet plan, it would increase the body fat burning by cutting the amount of carbohydrate intake, drastically.

For some people, they could experience with fatigue, either dehydration, as the effect of water loss. In the other hand, as mentioned before, you need additional attention whenever you have high blood pressure since this diet can increase the blood lipid content due to the increasing intake of fat. However, right after you have already get used to it, you can experience the effect of weight loss greater than another diet because the extreme diet plan you have to stick into.

However, to achieve your goal in weight loss, quickly, you have to work out on your endurance training program, as it can enhance the body to burning the fat rapidly and efficiently, combined with the diet plan you worked on. It is because, some researchers show that the main reason to achieve the weight loss is not the diet plan itself, but more into the restricted calories intake. Thus, if you are planning to follow the ketogenic diet, just make sure that you have already got enough suggestion on the diet plan you work into.

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