This Guy Merging Natural Stone With Resin And The Result Is Stunning !

Alexander Chapelin is the man behind the creator of the concept “LA TABLE”.

La Table Concept is to create unique, artistic, attractive designs that fit to their future owners as much as possible.

Recently he Merging Natural stone and resin to create coffee tables, and the result is so beautiful, He named it Ocean Coffee Tables. He took a block of natural stone and resin, to make a compact block so it can bring the atmosphere of nature and beaches in your living room.

unique coffee table for living room

 The natural rock is stunning and matches properly by using the resin which represents the sea.


Fyi, The coffee table may be the possible spot for anyone to put their drinks. Anyone who has experienced a living space where there was not a coffee table knows the importance of the actual coffee table.

Any coffee table can be in front of a couch. A smaller coffee table, or exactly what some make reference to end table, is located alongside chairs or even on the finishes of a couch.

A coffee table will reveal the owner’s style of design. The traditional coffee table is rectangle-shaped, with four legs as well as sits regarding two ft from the ground. Conventional end dining tables are more Esq ., but some shops offer lower costs ending tables which are round in form and are protected in a towel.

Many coffee tables are from wood. You can discover this conventional coffee table in many houses. Some of these java tables possess variations plus some will include artwork either within the legs as well as corners. A few coffee platforms will have compartments for keeping, while some other coffee workstations will have the shelf beneath the table to keep magazines, publications, children’s playthings or the tv remote.

Another Beautiful Coffe Table by Alexander Chapelin

unique lagoon coffee tables

unique lagoon coffee tables by Alexander Chapelin via

You can see more stunning Lagoon coffee table by Alexander Chapelin Here

Several coffee tables are more “art deco. ” this coffee table in many cases is made of many other materials such as metallic and may maintain different designs such as circular or oblong. Some coffees tables possess a plate associated with glass within its framework. One kind of coffee table lately featured with an online public sale site is created entirely regarding glass.

Numerous craftsmen create a coffee table in their stores from wooden or steel. Arts and also crafts displays across the country feature the particular hand-made products.

Another most popular Unique coffee tables 

Rustic Wood Pallet Coffee Table with Pattern

Rustic Wood Pallet Coffee Table with Pattern, via


modern coffee tables

modern coffee tables via


wood coffee table with light paint

wood coffee table with light paint via


simple glass coffetables

glass coffee table, via


rustic round coffee table

rustic round coffee table, via

Sculptural Mid-Century Coffee Table

Sculptural Mid-Century Coffee Table, via


End coffee table

End coffee table, via

While the standard coffee table continues to be found in numerous homes, there are lots of unusual kinds of coffee tables. You can purchase any coffee table within a set or perhaps alone. Some coffee table arranged will have the standard coffee table which sits before a sofa or maybe couch along with two conclusion tables.



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