Top 3 Acne Scars Home Remedies That Work


When acnes occur on the face, these can make us uncomfortable, embarrassing, and less confidence at one time. It does not stop until the pimples get popped; the other problem that may appear is acne scars. So that, to cure acnes is not enough; we also need to take care of acne scars. Fortunately, home remedies are also effective to get rid these acne scars; they also do not contain the severe ingredients. Here are some acne scars home remedies you may try.

Some of the home remedies for acne scars: 

There are plenty of home ingredients for keeping away the acne scar from our skin. Among of those ingredients are sandalwood, tea tree oil, tomato, lemon, garlic, cucumber, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, and aloe vera. Those ingredients averagely contain antioxidant, antibacterial, bleaching properties, and other beneficial properties.

1. One of the acne scars home remedies fast is a lemon. The benefit of lemon for skin health is unquestionable;

Acne Scars Home RemediesIt is rich in vitamin C that is good for regeneration cells. Then it also contains the astringent, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation, and bleaching agent. Thus, getting rid acne scars with lemon may be faster and safer.

You can take benefit of lemon either served by juice or lemon slices. Here, the way of using lemon juice as acne scars remedies are:

• Make sure you have made lemon juice
• Take 2 or 3 tablespoons of juice
• Dab the cotton bud into lemon juice and apply to area of acne scar for 30 minutes
• Repeat the process until the scars are gone.

2. Then, you can also take advantage acne scars home remedies aloe vera.It is commonly known that aloe vera is good for getting rid the acne problem. The use of aloe vera as acne scar treatments is very simple.

acne scars home remedies aloe vera

• Take gel of aloe vera from one leaf
• Spread the gel into the skin tenderly

• Wait for at about 30 minutes before you wash your face with clean and fresh water
• Do the process repeatedly

3. For you who have dry skin, virgin olive oil is the best choice because it can moisturize the skin.

This one of acne scars home remedies dry skin contains antioxidant and healthy fatty acid that can help in removing scars because of acnes.

The steps you can do are as follows:

• Take 1 table spoon of virgin olive oilacne scars home remedies dry skin_
• Add an amount of cinnamon powder and mix with olive oil

• Dab the oil with the finger and spread to all of the face areas
• Leave it until 15 to 30 minutes and clean it up
• Repeat the process routinely; you can apply it when you go to bed.

By far, acne scars home remedies offers the alternative and effective way. Besides the uses of getting rid the acne scars, those home remedies are also beneficial for skin face even without any problem.

So that, when your acne scars have disappeared you can use that remedies as your daily or weekly skin treatment. It is a way to prevent both acne and acne scars come back.



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